CBD Products Delivered Right to Your Door

CBD Products Delivered Right to Your Door

More people are using CBD every day because of its vast health and wellness benefits. You can get the same healing benefits from cannabis without experiencing the high. So, you can use CBD to combat stress and anxiety while at work; rub CBD lotion on your sore joints after an intense workout at the gym; or smoke a CBD pre-roll to elevate your mood and calm your racing mind.

Delivering the Highest Quality CBD

At Pelican Delivers, we partner with the best dispensaries in your area to deliver high quality CBD products right to your door. No matter what you need, we got you! Simply find your favorite local dispensary near me on our site, choose your CBD items, checkout, and you will get cannabis delivery to your doorstep in roughly 75 minutes.

If you are having a long day and don’t want to go to the store to get your CBD goods, why wait until tomorrow? Our CBD and cannabis delivery service is the best of the best. We only partner with the top dispensary near me in your community and all our drivers are fast, reliable, and friendly. We operate like Uber, so you just need to show your ID to verify your age and identity and grab your goods!

What are the Best CBD Products to Get Delivered?

We deliver all types of CBD products, so it really depends on what you want and need. Some of the most popular CBD items that people have delivered to their door by our cannabis delivery service include:

CBD oil: CBD oils come in full or broad spectrum or as CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD has all the other compounds, including super trace amounts of THC. The THC cannot get you high, but it does help enhance the powerful compounds of the CBD. Broad spectrum also has other cannabis payment processing compounds including terpenes, but it is free of THC. CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form, but because it doesn’t include any other cannabis compounds it is actually the least potent.

CBD gummies: CBD can be found in just about every product now. One of the original ways to consume CBD and still a favorite is through GBD gummies. GBD gummies are pretty popular because they are little delicious treats packed with candy flavors and CBD. When you consume gummies or any food items containing CBD instead of dropping CBD oil under your tongue the effects take longer to set in since the CBD has to be digested.

CBD lotions and creams: CBD is known to help relieve dry and itchy skin and help with rashes and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. CBD’s natural ability to reduce inflammation also helps with acne breakouts. When added to lotions and creams, CBD is known to help sooth skin.

CBD muscle and joint balms: CBD has healing properties that can soothe achy joints and muscles after intense workouts or just everyday wear and tear on the body. When rubbed directly on achy muscles and joints, CBD balms can target the area and help sooth it.

CBD products are best known for their calming and relaxation properties. They help with pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia.

Want to get CBD Delivered?

If you are in the market for CBD and want to have it delivered right to your door, we can help! Pelican Delivers partners with the best dispensaries in your community and will deliver you the highest quality products. We are safe, reliable, and trustworthy and will get you your CBD goodies in a quick manner!